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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

- Muir - 

Armstrong Vineyard

Armstrong Vineyards rests on the southern most tip of the Ribbon Ridge AVA. By far our warmest site, Armstrong fruit will find its way to the winery weeks before our other vineyards. Armstrong is farmed organically and produces impeccable fruit. Meticulous attention to detail is the philosophy behind this highly sought after vineyard. Armstrong is farmed organically. The soil composition is mostly Willakenzie, unique marine sediment found in most of the vineyards in the Ribbon Ridge AVA. It's location also protects it from extreme weather conditions allowing for consistant growing seasons, year in and year out. -learn more

Bieze Vineyard
2017-09-10 15.45.40 (1).jpg

Volcanic formations laid down these soils, each of which varies some in their composition. The Nekia soil, a silty clay loam in nature, is found in our more steeply sloped ares. The Ritner soils are more gravelly silty clay loam in nature and found on the gentler sloped areas. In these naturally well-drained yet shallow soils, the grape vines send roots deep and the minerality of the site is expressed in the fruit and wines. Bieze Vineyard benefits from the cool breezes that flow nightly from the West across our site. These breezes come through the Van Duzer Corridor, a break in the Coast Range. The breezes are responsible for the cool evenings which follow the bright afternoons.  -learn more

Johan Vineyard

Johan Vineyard is wild! It sits on 85 acres of land just north of Rickreall, OR, directly in the mouth of the Van Duzer corridor. Cool maritime winds blow through this vineyard constantly, keeping harvest temperatures low, allowing for slow and even ripening of the fruit. The marine sedimentary soils and abundant slope variation allows for proper drainage and sunlight exposure during the growing season. Johan is farmed 100% Biodynamically, allowing the true expression of terroir in the fruit from this site. -learn more

La Chenaie Vineyard

La Chenaie Vineyard (loosely Oak Grove) sits on the western side of the Eola- Amity AVA. The vineyard's shallow soil structure is volcanic, made up of mainly Jory, Gelderman and Ritner soils. The row spacing is 6' with extremely tight vine spacing. Planted in 2001, this vineyard is just now starting to come into it's own and show its full potential. La Chenaie is farmed organically. The added benefit of its relative location to the Van Duzer corridor's afternoon winds allows for slow steady ripening. -learn more

Prophet Vineyard
2018-09-04 11.13.40.jpg

Prophet Vineyard is a fascinating vineyard made up of  one acre blocks of 115, 943, 777, 828,  Mt. Eden, Calera, Swan, Pommard, Coury, and  Wadenswil, and a 13 clone mixed block. Located just over the crest of the Eola Hills, the vineyard boasts a makeup of five major soils: Chehulpum, Steiwer, Rittner, Nekia and Jory with  South, Southwest and Southeast orientations. Elevations range from 440 feet to 615 feet on southern facing hills. Blocks are picked all at once in a "massale selection", something we believe truly allows the vineyard character to shine. -learn more

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